Enbi helps the COVID19 Vaccine roll out in Europe

We have all heard about the huge impact that the roll out of vaccinations are having on people around the world. Names like Moderna, AstraZeneca and Pfizer are now household names because of the new vaccines.

Enbi is also playing a big role in supporting the roll out with rollers made in Hungary being used on specialist machines made in Europe to print labels for the vaccination jars and boxes.

“Enbi’s long standing partner in label application systems recently has seen a huge increase in demand for our ground rollers”, said Monica Palanta, Key Account Manager. “This increase has come about because of the introduction of the new COVID19 vaccines. Each bottle has a label on that is printed using our customer’s machine. I am so proud to say that Enbi is helping to make the world a safe place and helping people to get back to a normal life!”

Enbi – Invisible Precision

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