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ATM & Cash Handling

Not one note extra, not one note less – this is no coincidence. In thousands of cash dispensers worldwide Enbi rollers do the job.  Behind the scenes, our rollers make sure that the exact number of notes are paid out, again and again: millions of times a day, in all currencies.  

Cash Handling Rollers

With the ability to process over 150 different currencies at speeds of up to 40 bank notes per second, ATMS are a tough challenge, but it is clear that Enbi’s materials provide the optimal solution for our customers. No matter if bank notes have magnetic ink or are of a poor quality, the self-regenerating surface texture of our materials ensures consistent picking and feeding performance over long periods of time. Enbi is a long-term OEM partner of global and local ATM manufacturers and is positioned as a strategic supplier, especially in ATM Recycler devices.


ATM & Cash Handling Products