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Fuser roller

Enbi – Enhancing service life of a color A4 printer


The MFC machine, under normal operating conditions, is very demanding on all of the components used in the system. These demands are multiplied significantly when the components are subjected to accelerated durability trials where all the parts are pushed to the maximum by the aggressive test program. This is the situation Enbi found itself in when the customer invited us to help to develop a fuser (heat) roller that was an alternative to the current source. The test included a 100k page intensive print test which is carried out over a very short period of time to induce maximum stress into the fuser roller to assess its performance.


Enbi’s engineers experimented and tested several grades of high temperature resistant silicone rubber to make the fuser roller samples, but the results in customer machine tests were unsatisfactory to begin with. However, because of the close collaboration with the customer and Enbi’s intimate knowledge of materials and process we were able to quickly refine the materials and were able to develop a product that was not only capable of meeting the accelerated print test but also gave an extended service life potentially reducing costs per print to the customer.  


With this iterative process of development, the customer was able to have a new source of supply to counteract the supply side problems they were facing due to Covid.  In addition, increased service life gave them a performance advantage in the market.


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