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Enbi Brings New Life To Electric Pumps

 Enbi’s customer required a local Remanufacturing Operation to remanufacture a high voltage oil bleeding chamber used inside a safety critical electric pump.

The customer had a long-standing problem, where there was significant wear and tear on the valves and sight glass in a family of electric pumps due to the harsh environment that the pumps were expected to operate in. Enbi was approached to help to find a way to remanufacture the pumps to extend the life of the pumps – saving costs and protecting resources for them and subsequently their customer.  The only problem was that the customer did not have drawings or material specifications to support to remanufacturing process.

To help the customer, Enbi’s Engineering Team worked closely with the customer to understand the performance needs of the pump and the environment in which it operated.  Once this was established Enbi could identify and select the most appropriate materials for the application, create prints and bills of materials and a customer’s agreed process for remanufacturing of the Bleeding Chamber.

Enbi offered a local remanufacturing source and reduced cost by refurbishing versus the customer purchasing a new oil bleeding chamber. The process gave a cost saving to the customer of over 30% and at the same time helped to support the sustainability targets of both parties.

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