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Enbi helps To Fold Paper Faster

 Improvement in folding speed and accuracy in next generation paper folding machines.

Folding and stacking wide format documents manually is time consuming and quite inefficient. By using our customer’s folding machine however, end users can achieve a fast and perfect fold helping to do the job efficiently  saving time and money for the end user. Whether it’s an architect or engineering office, copy shop or a  multinational company, folding machines offer the right choice for everybody and Enbi helps the systems to run perfectly. Besides folding, our customer’s machinery can also be used  do fold technical plan accurately & precisely.  The machines are designed to complement to all commonly used large format printers.

The customer needed precise wide format folding rollers for their new model to ensure consistent folding.  The challenge was to make make wide width rollers with a high level of accuracy across the entire width of the roller.  The surface needed to precision ground with a tight run-out and consistent surface roughness. 

Producing such wide format elastomeric rollers is challenging, because uniform overmolding and grinding of wide width rolls can be difficult. Enbi’s engineering team created specialist tools and jigs to allow precision grinding over the whole of the wide with rollers, giving the customer a precise and uniform product. We worked together with the customer to develop rollers that will allow fully automatic, attached to printer wide format folding

  • Enabling unattended printing from multiple work stations
  • Full integration with most wide format printer models  

Enbi’s rollers put the customer in the position to stay ahead of the competition in the new high speed wide format printer market

Enbi rollers provided improvements to the accuracy and speed of the folding process. The improvements in output were up to 11% depending on the media being folded and stacked. Another benefit was the service life – the new improved rollers gave a 15% increase in life – helping to reduce service costs and reducing maintenance time.

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