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Lottery Machines

Enbi Helps To Keep The Lotteries Moving


Enbi’s customer offers appealing, high-performance equipment for self-service vending of lottery games.

A new type of lottery ticket machine was designed for several types of lottery tickets and for Enbi the challenge was being able move different grades and thicknesses of media used by lottery organisers.


The lottery ticket machine is designed by the customer based on history so designs from former similar machines. Our customer asked us for 2 types of rollers with focus properties of friction against (relatively thick) paper and abrasion resistance. From these former designs they required a PU of 50 Shore A. 


  • In general, we try to follow the experience of our customer so we started sampling according their proposed specification. This unfortunately did not work as the friction was too high (it became even sticky) and the transport was not even.  
  • After evaluating the results and discussing with our customer the conclusion was that there was 1 key property missing: the compression set. 
  • Our customer designed a spring-loaded system with a continuous force on the rollers in combination with high idle times the roller got a flat area. 
  • We sampled again with a somewhat harder material to reduce the friction and a material with a very good compression set. 


Due to our knowledge of materials and involvement in the design of the products, our customer was able to introduce a lottery ticket machine into the market that is ready to scale up now. 

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