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ATM & Cash Handling

Enbi Rollers Increase Service Life By Up to 300%


Our customer uses the same / similar system for the feeding and separation of the bank notes in a high speed cash counting system. The rollers began to show increased signs of wear with a result that the customer’s maintenance people had to replace these units too often causing their customers to be unhappy.


This feeding and separation system is based on a fixed nip. The average thickness of a bank note is 0.1 mm and therefore small abrasion losses on diameter result in a malfunction of the cash counter. However, the customer did not wish to re-design the total system due the high cost to test and to validate the component parts.


Our starting point was the current system configuration. We used our knowledge of the material being used and the possible tolerances that we use to control the movement of the Enbi rollers. Enbi’s engineering team worked closely with the design and service teams of the customer to develop a range of different materials with optimized tolerance components, resulting in a very similar system that can be used in several machines. Extensive testing by both parties proved that the new materials gave:

  • Greater abrasion performance
  • Lower maintenance needs
  • Extended service intervals


As the lifetime of this new feeding and separation system was extended substantially (up to triple the original lifetime), the customer had a huge saving in their maintenance department. The end customer was much more satisfied because the time in between maintenance got a lot longer.


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